Apr 222015

After taking a few weeks off for some work related travel (and to catch the preliminaries of the Rock N’ Roll Rumble), we return with a guest DJ that helps Adam discover some new bands from one of his favorite genres, SKA!

Jake of BostonSka.net takes the helm and takes us through a chronological tour of some of the hottest ska bands to come out of the New England area, and also shares some of his favorite newer acts that have produced some sizzlin’ tunes in the last three years. Tune in or lose out!

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Hell Of A Hat
Bim Skala Bim – 8 Track Mind
The Allstonians – Homeward Bound
Kings Of Nuthin’ – New Scenery, Same Situation
Westbound Train – Come & Get It
Big D & The Kids Table – What I Got
Screw-Ups – Watch Yourself
Stray Bullets – New Prisons
Alex Stern – Praise For Them
The Copacetics – Versions Coming
The New Limits – Saturday Morning

Mar 312015

We headed up to our home away from home and sat down with Petty Morals as they prepped for their upcoming 7″ split record release show in the most appropriate way possible: Sipping on box wine in solo cups!

The gang took the time to play a few tunes from the bands playing the show at TT The Bears on Friday, April 3rd, and played both their new song “Go For Broke” off the upcoming split, and even featured the Party Bois tune “Loving Arms” as well. Tune in and listen to the craziness that is Petty Morals!

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Goddamn Draculas – Ham Trapper
Gene Dante & The Future Starlets – Hand Me Your Razors
The Grinds – Don’t Need You
Parlour Bells – Celebrities On Ice
Static Dynamic – Relentless
Party Bois – Loving Arms
When Particles Collide – Perfect Teeth
Petty Morals – Go For Broke

Also: The first 100 ticket holders to arrive at TTs on April 3rd by 9PM get a raffle ticket to win a $100 cash prize + a merch pack! 

Mar 262015

Pete from Boston music podcast MusicBoxPete (yup! There is more than one podcast in this town, crazy right?!?) plays guest Dj to give us details on the next Boston Scene Party event at Sound Lion, and play some types of artists you won’t typically hear on MOTM. Tune in or lose out!

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ColorGrave – Fever Dreams

Today Junior – Sunspots

Wolf Blitzer – American Nervousness

The Press War – I’m So Bored With Us

Parachuter – Forest Lights

Jack Romanov – East Boston

The Winter Brave – As You Once Were

Jacob Augustine – Salvation

Ryan Langlois – You Never Know