Mar 262015

Pete from Boston music podcast MusicBoxPete (yup! There is more than one podcast in this town, crazy right?!?) plays guest Dj to give us details on the next Boston Scene Party event at Sound Lion, and play some types of artists you won’t typically hear on MOTM. Tune in or lose out!

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ColorGrave – Fever Dreams

Today Junior – Sunspots

Wolf Blitzer – American Nervousness

The Press War – I’m So Bored With Us

Parachuter – Forest Lights

Jack Romanov – East Boston

The Winter Brave – As You Once Were

Jacob Augustine – Salvation

Ryan Langlois – You Never Know

Mar 192015

What happens when your host decides to throw his talking points away and just play songs at will? He finds a way to make a connection to each of the bands as they pop up in his list. Find out how well THAT went in this week’s podcast!

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The Regulars – St. Bernard

New Alibis – Survive

Murcielago – Cheebahawk

Warning Shots – Right There Beside You

Nick & The Adversaries – Give Give Give

Alex Stern – Hey Guys, I Brought Beer

Jittery Jack – Dance Adrianne Dance

The Rationales – On The Vine

Watts – Sweethearts Of The Radio

Today Junior – Tiger Eyes

The Offseason – Livin The Dream

DCDR – Cut My Teeth

Choke Up! – Dry Out

Mar 122015

Kevin Finn has been a long time supporter of MANY different bands in the New England music scene, and conducts interviews and reviews for The Noise magazine. Adam and Kevin were introduced to each other at a show a few years ago and realized they share a lot of the same tastes in music, which made topics of conversation easy to come by. His knowledge (and better command of the English language than Adam) always makes him a great candidate for guest DJ, so we invited him back for another opportunity to play some of his favorite tunes; which ranges from old school alternative rock, to singer-songwriter folk, to a few tunes from albums that were released last year. You’ll also hear the musings of two dudes with terrible humor, but we think you’ll get a chuckle or two out of the podcast. Tune in or lose out!

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Juliana Hatfield 3  – Feelin’ MA
Worshipper – Black Corridor
Potty Mouth – The Gap
Speedy Ortiz – Raising The Skate
PIXIES – Dig For Fire
Razors in the Night – By Your Side
Stray Bullets – New Prisons
The Drax – Jenny
Marissa Nadler – Drive
Full Body Anchor – Catch/Release
Sinners & Saints – Dead So Soon
Fuzzy – Band Of Gold
The Black Cheers – Delete Delete!