Feb 252015

With another busy week during a long, bitter winter; recording this week’s podcast was not something that was originally at the top of the list of things that Adam wanted to currently do (Sleep was number 1 on the list). In order to get ready for the podcast, Adam turned to a playlist that he frequents when feeling lethargic and thought; why not play a few of the tunes from the playlist on this week’s episode?

So tune in and hear some of the songs that help Adam stay positive. And since we’re feeling the positive vibes, we’re going to give away a pair of Skullcandy Fix Earbuds (courtesy of Sound Lion Stores) to a lucky fan who comments on this page (or our Facebook post) with a tune that YOU listen to in order to stay inspired/motivated. Tune in or miss out!

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Street Dogs – You Alone
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Impossible Dream
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Where You Come From
The Beatings – All The Things You’ve Been Missing
Bryan McPherson – I See A Flag
The Agents – Shine
The Explosion – Die By My Side
Ducky Boys – Getting Better
Social Distortion – Still Alive

Feb 192015

Sometimes, your friends pull “diva moves” and request to change your guest DJ schedule so they can try to sell more tickets to things. This week, Kristin from Bishop & Rook Music Blog plays guest DJ and features bands from 2 upcoming shows that Bishop & Rook are presenting. (We kid, we kid! The tunes are great and you should check out the podcast for more info about the shows, but man did we have to drop everything to accommodate her!)

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Bundles – B&E
Jetavana Grove – Hope Is A Bus (That I Missed This Morning)
Choke Up – Rust
Laika’s Orbit – Circumstance
Sports – Mo Vaughn
Fall Risk – No. 1
Sundog – Superstition
Dirt Naps – Bees Knees
Julius Earthling – Five Seven Five

(Here is the show poster that Adam & Kristin talk about in the podcast)


Feb 122015

Last week’s episode ended with Adam’s reminiscing of bands past, and how some members have gone on to bands that garnered more mainstream media attention, so we take a break from the usual format and play bands that are more “famous” and how they have a connection to New England.  ::PLUS:: We get to premiere a track off the upcoming Warning Shots EP, which will be released March 3rd on State Line Records. Find out how you can get a copy beforehand by tuning in!

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NOFX – Franco Un-American
Reel Big Fish – Suckers
Less Than Jake – Look What Happened
Weezer – Hash Pipe
Smashing Pumpkins – Freak
Veruca Salt – Volcano Girl
The Slackers – Have The Time
The Replacements – Alex Chilton
Social Distortion – Reach For The Sky
Breeders – Cannonball
Passion Pit – Take A Walk
The Warning Shots – Right There Beside You (PREMIERE!)