May 282015

Cameron Keiber, half of the awesome team that is putting on Awesome Day Fest in Allston, plays guest dj and gives us details as to what we can expect from the event happening May 29th & 30th! Find out what the purpose behind the festival is, how you can get an “all-access” pass, the amount of work that goes in to putting an amazing event like this together, and where/when you can catch the bands played in this episode. Tune in or lose out!

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GOZU – Bald Bull
Robby Roadsteamer – Gimme 2 Baggers In The Corsica
Sarah Borges – Record On Repeat
Greg Lyon – Spitting Distance
Eldridge Rodriguez – Disposable Stars
Petty Morals – Radio Action
Zip-Tie Handcuffs – Psychotic Dance

May 202015

This week runs the gamut with rockabilly, mainstream rock, southern-style rock, some punk, and even a little folk. Plus, hear new tunes from the likes of Bryan McPherson and Art Thieves. Tune in or lose out!

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Diablogato – Gasoline
The Lights Out – Open Season
Broken Stereo – Ten Thousand Crimes
Sinners & Saints – When We Were Young
Art Thieves – Liar
Grenades In The Archives – Pursed Lips
Trophy Lungs – Dads Away On Business
The Black Cheers – You Don’t Get It
Burning Streets – MIA
Alen Of Dale – Channel 5
The Silks – Trouble
Four Point Restraints – Heading East
The Milling Gowns – Zenith
Bryan McPherson – Born On A Highway

May 142015

We kick off the first of our next 100 episodes of Mutiny On The Microphone with a fan of the podcast who is also in a band; Stephen MacDonald of The Okay Win! We’ve been trying to get Stephen on for a while now, and with The Okay Win’s show coming up on May 16th at Church Of Boston, we figured this week would be perfect!

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Pile – The Jones
Big Big Buildings – Space Hotels
Today Junior – Sunspots
Billington Sea – Goodbye Old Friend
Abadabad – California Birds
Hallelujah The Hills – We Are What We Say We Are
The Rare Occasions – Battin’ Lashes
Le Roxy Pro – Get It Out
New City Ghost – Still Frames