Jan 282015

What happens when you’re scheduled to record a guest DJ set and a massive snow storm comes through town? You use technology (and whiskey) to your advantage! Chris Duggan of Goddamn Draculas plays guest DJ and plays a few tunes off the upcoming record. Check out these harmonic rock tunes, find out how you can grab the album BEFORE the February 7th CD release party at the Middle East, and why Duggan chose the songs he did. Tune in or lose out!

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Goddamn Draculas – Goddamn Draculas
Sidewalk Driver – Tornado
Goddamn Draculas – Jenny (album version)
When Particles Collide – Constant Disaster
Ducky Boys – I Don’t Give A Shit
Darkbuster – Cantaloupes
Goddamn Draculas – I Hate Cocaine
The River City Rebels – Hate

Want to reserve your copy of “Goddamn Draculas” now (and score some cool gear)? Check out their PledgeMusic campaign here.

Jan 222015

sal2015Guest DJ Sal from Rebuilder goes over some lost/forgotten gems from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a theme he has dubbed “Obscure Boston.” (Which, in hindsight, was a terrible idea)

Tune in to hear what Sal has to say about the Allston-Brighton line, clubs around town, and why recording a podcast in a practice studio is an awful idea… (oh, and something about a Groundhog Day show as well…)

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A Wilhelm Scream – Send Off
The Goonies – Consumed
Junction 18 – Life Is A Racetrack
Mavis Beacon – (Track 1…?)
Mich Blue Smaldone – Springtime Blues
The High-Steppin’ Nickel Kids – Scratch & Win
Phil Dubnick – Surgery
The Glow – (Track 1…?)

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Jan 152015

The 2nd podcast of 2015, this week we focus on bands that have new releases in the near future, or a show in the next couple of weeks. Plus a hidden gem from a 2007 performance by The Men, a band comprised of now members of Goddamn Draculas and Cradle To The Grave; we really think you’ll dig it. Tune in or miss out!

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DadFight – Assistant To The Assistant
Lesser Knowns – There Will Be Dancing
Duck & Cover – Nowhere Fast
The Men – When I Kissed You (live from WMBR)
Dan Webb and the Spiders – Perfect Problem
Twin Foxes – Year On A String
Slapshot – I Told You So (watch the music video here)
Krill – Torturer
The Field Effect – Ogunquit, ME
Sidewalk Driver – Dancing With Her Friends
Bryan McPherson – Poor Boy
Guster – Simple Machine
Tigerman WOAH – I Guess So/Take Me Home


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